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Five Ways to Reduce Low Back Pain While Cycling

Cycling competitively, to work or just for the enjoyment of it is an excellent way to keep in shape and enjoy the outdoors, but it’s no fun at all if your back hurts. Back pain or discomfort while riding a bicycle can result from various factors, Read More >

Why Stress Affects Everyone Differently

It is well documented that high levels of stress can contribute to heart disease, cancer, headaches, ulcers, digestive disturbances, backaches and many other conditions. How can one word – STRESS- cause so many unique and different problems Read More >

Chiropractic in the NFL

NFL Players take a lot of abuse with their bodies. Chiropractic works to return them to top form! From Global News WATCH: B.C. has a lot of Seahawks fans ready to cheer for a Superbowl repeat, but one of them will be doing a lot more than Read More >

Tips for your first Epic

Cycling for most of us includes a few hours a week on the bike. For others it’s their office. BC Bike Race pushes many to levels of riding and recovery they haven’t acheived before. After spending the last 3 years assisting on the medical side, the Read More >


In my practice and on the field, I have used many different brands of kinesiology tape. For the best combination of strength, adhesion and price I choose RockTape for my office. Look for the famous coloured strips of RockTape on cyclists at the BC Read More >